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Special cargo transport

In the area of special cargo transport, which is our primary business, we offer a heavy and oversized cargo transport services in domestic and international traffic. We provide our services by using more than twenty 440 to 680hp semi-trailer trucks and over fourty different semi-trailers with different technical characteristics and capacity, accompanied with expert cargo escort, professional and experienced drivers.
In the case of more demanding transport, our team of traffic engineers will make sure the job to be performed professionally and efficiently by taking into account all possible difficulties in transport and eliminating them by taking various measures or by doing whatever it takes to safely transport the cargo of large dimensions to the desired location, which can be all over Croatia and Europe.

General cargo transport

In addition to special cargo transport, we also offer a transportation service of a variety of cargos with our open and closed semi-trailers around Croatia and Europe. Also, we are able to do the loading, unloading and assembly of cargo we transport.

Cargo handling

For the purpose of loading, unloading and cargo handling we own a mobile crane Terex Demag AC 120-1 and trucks equipped with Palfinger cranes. For handling heavy loads in places where it is not possible to work with cranes due to lack of working space, we have LUKAS hydraulic equipment that can lift loads weighing over 400 tons. Thanks to our top notch resources and skilled technicians with years of experience, ee are able to handle various loads in all conditions.

Obtaining permits and escorts

We offer the service of organizing escorts of special cargo transport in Croatia and abroad as well as obtaining permits for transport for other transport companies. For escort needs we offer the vehicles that meet all the technical requirements for performing escort and are equipped with all equipment for signaling and a professional team with extensive experience in escorts of special cargo transport of various dimensions around Croatia.